I remember the first time I tried Pizza and "Mexican" Foods!!  Now they are like basic food groups and as common to my life as seeing and hearing.  But when I was told about them as a kid, I couldn't even imagine them. "Mexican" food was spicy hot and would give me indigestion, so I was told. And Pizza was round and you ate it how? Was it really like a pie?  Well, that was back in the 1900s a I was living in a very rural area of Nebraska, so trips to a city where these restaraunts were taking root, were infrequent. 

For just about anyone under the age of 40 growing up in the South, a Lutheran Church can be just as hard to imagine as Pizza and "Mexican" Food was to me back then. But if you walk in today to All Saints Lutheran Church, you'll find the following. Not perfect versions of the following, but we are still, like doctors, "practicing."  Yes, we are practicing for that idea realm to come; some call it heaven or God's kingdom come.  So, some on in and have a taste of Lutheran Christian Life. 

Thanks for your interest in All Saints Lutheran Church, Lilburn.

Rev. Kim Alan Stover, Pastor

1. Christian

Yes, we are a Christian Church, though in some areas so rare to the South, we've been called a cult. We've also been described by others as "Catholic-lite." Others, opponents actually, gave us the name Lutheran a little over 500 years ago, and it just stuck. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther (long before the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King) protested a practice in the original Christian Church (Catholicism) based in Rome stating that it was not the Gospel according to Jesus, the Christ (Messiah). That protest grew for religious and non-religious reasons and led to Luther's excommunication from the Church. His followers were chided with the name Lutheran. The name is suppose to now label us as a church that singularly advocates for the unconditional grace of God. God is many things, but above all "God is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love." (referenced in Scripture)

2. Evangelical

This defining value is not a reference to conservative politics often more defined by Law rather than Gospel. In the word evangelical is the word angel, a reference to a number of biblical stories in which a heavenly messenger or angel greets someone with some really good news. The most widely known are the angel's greeting of Mary with the good news that she would birth Jesus. Jesus means "he shall save his people from their sin." No doubt you've heard of him!  Another bit of good news was given to the women who went to Jesus' grave. The good news given there was "He is not here. He is risen."

3. Community

You could think of Christian Lutheran Evangelical Community as a cross. The verticle post is our relationship with God in, with, and through Jesus. The horizontal post is our relationship with others of the church community. Jesus said, "Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am." So, we're not really a "me and God" kind of church. The Spirit calls us into community with others as support in times of difficulty, as partner in thanksgiving in times of joy, and as counter balance to our very human tendency to only see things one way. (You know what I mean?) In Community we worship and take up our work of ministry with others who we encourage even as they encourage us in faith, hope, and love (the greatest!).

4. Community Presence

This just needs to be said: We are not a club with a building unto ourselves. We are a presence in the community where we are, which happens to be in Lilburn, Georgia. Our building is used for our worship, gatherings, education, etc., but also by Boy and Girl Scouts, AA, OA, NA, Family Promise, special local concerts (Atlanta Bell Ringers, xxx Men's Chorus). Our safe and comfortable facility probably serves more people from the community than there are members of the church! It's a pretty building with ample parking. Over the years, our members have served the community as lawyers, teachers, doctors and nurses, lots of different businesses, name it, Lutherans are active!

5. Heritage

From time to time we sing a fairly well known hymn, "O God Our Help in Ages Past."  With regard to our heritage as a Christian denomination, we don't worship traditon or things past. We do find that the God of passing and past days is still worthy of our thanks and praise and that the old ways and the new ways of retuning thanks and praise are still useful. That simply states our view of worship as "Christians gathered to return thanks and praise to that which is worthy of such thanks and praise." Education and biblical knowledge are important, but returning thanks and offering praise to God for the capacity to learn and know is good and right. Life Lessons are important, but retuning thanks and offering praise to God is worship's way of pointing us to what is good and right. As we gather for worship, we are greeted with the words, "The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all," reminds us who is worthy of thanks and praise. As we leave worship, we are sent with the words, "Go in peace. Serve the Lord. Remember the poor. Share the Good News. All commissions that inspire our work in the community and the world. That is our Heritage.




To Know Christ

And Make

Him Known


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