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Confident Giving

Thanks for stopping by our Church's web site. It's not very fancy, but neither are we. Our building looks like a church you might see in the countryside somewhere and we're often referred to as "that little white church behind Ingles!"  (722 Rockbridge Road SW, Lilburn, GA 30044)

At All Saints Lutheran Church, you'll find regular people with no visible halos. Our sainthood is based on the grace of God expressed in the person of Jesus, whom the demons called "The Holy One of God!" (Mark 1:24). We begin each service with a greeting, "The grace of our Lord, Jesus, Christ; the love of God; and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be wtih you all."

Those words define our understanding of God, so just about everything at All Saints Lutheran Church, ELCA, points to the practice and theology of God's grace, love, and companionship. Out of God's grace, love, and fellowship with us, we include others, support others, and do what we can to help--close to home and far away--like Africa. 

Come along with us, even for a little while, and bring a cup of fresh water to those without. (Mark 9:41)


These smiles happened because a well was funded and drilled closer to this family in Africa. We walk into the kitchen or down the hall into the break room for fresh water without a thought about how remarkable our access to clean water really is! Help make more smiles with a gift to Wells to Thrive. Use our GoFund me page for trustworthy support!

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