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Your Bill Pay Service


In today's world, contributions can be made simply through one's own banking service. You'll need our address to do that. Thank you.

All Saints Lutheran Church 722 Rockbridge Rd, SW Lilburn, GA 30047


Our Finanical Software.


After clicking on the link "Our Financial Software" (above), you will need to decide between using a Debit/Credit Card or Bank ACH, the amount ,and whether to make it a one time thing or repeating. Its pretty simple. You'll figure it out from here!  Thanks for thinking of all of us who make All Saints a big little church.


Thrivent Financial


Thrivent Financial will cover the transaction costs, which you and we appreciate! Follow these directions. Click Here. In the search box, type All Saints Lutheran Church, Lilburn, GA (then Search). On the page that opens, you should see the Church name and Lilburn location. Scroll down and click on "Make a Personal Donation." You can take it from there! 



Odd Reasons to Give, Contribute, Donate, Pay It Forward, Etc.

This reasons would likely never show up in the PR departments who do the motivational ads aimed at tweaking your emotions about giving. But one reason to give is to prove to yourself that you have enough. Some Financial planning services, Insurance Companies, and Investment Firms are never sure you have enough. They tweak the "what if" in you so that you put more and more of your money into their accounts, because, well, they never have enough. The Corona Virus shows us we can't possibly prepare for every event to insure our present or future financial security or our life expectancy, for that matter. 

Another reason related to this reason, though much older, is to give to say thanks to God. The reason you have what you have, despite all the hype about self-made millionaires, stike that, self-made billionaires, is that what you have in you body, mind, and heart was birthed to you. It is said that we do nothing to bring ourselves into the world and we can do nothing to prevent our exit! This author doesn't want to over explain "God" here. Even if one does not "believe" in God, one can still share of oneself out of thanks for the gift of life.

So, give. Give to something good. It doesn't have to be the biggest most wonderful cause in the world. A lot of those causes have great PR departments and fund raising tools, and they do well, even without your contribution. Give to All Saints Lutheran Church. You have no idea how much good small churches do in the real world.

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