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Authentic and Vital

Stay and Zoom!


This article previously began with an invitation, "Come and See" (below). But now begins with something of a command, "Stay and Zoom!"  We aren't gathering in the flesh right now at All Saints, taking recommended precautions about gathering, until we have all walked through this valley of the shadow of death.

Zoom Worship Sunday, Aug 9, 2020  Tenth Sunday After Pentecost

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Past Worship Services and Information.

Zoom Worship Sunday, Aug 2, 2020  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of Aug 2 - Ninth Sunday After Pentecost    Password: Kz5B@gxL

Zoom Worship Sunday, July 26, 2020  Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of July 26 - Eighth Sunday After Pentecost    Password: D2U1H&V@
(NOTE:  technical difficulties were encountered with the hymns)

Zoom Worship Sunday, July 19, 2020  Seventh Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of July 19 - Sevent Sunday After Pentecost   Password: %3Y.?p0x

Zoom Worship Sunday, July 12, 2020  Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of July 12 - Sixth Sunday After Pentecost   Password: 5W%?yr57

Zoom Worship Sunday, July 5, 2020  Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of July 5 - Fifth Sunday After Pentecost   Password:  8A%p$1A+

Zoom Worship Sunday, June 28, 2020  Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

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Zoom Worship Sunday, June 21, 2020  Third Sunday After Pentecost/Father's Day

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Recording of June 21 - Third Sunday after Pentecost/Father's Day   Password: 1c@@R%5v

Zoom Worship Sunday, June 14, 2020  Second Sunday After Pentecost

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Recording of June 14 - Second Sunday after Pentecost  
Password: 5r%8h?4W

Zoom Worship, Sunday, June 7, 2020  The Holy Trinity

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Recording of June 7 - The Holy Trinity  Password:  7s=4&3^z

Zoom Worship, Sunday, May 31, 2020 Pentecost and Retirement of Reverend Kim A. Stover, Pastor. 

                     Bulletin.      Lifeline.      Zoom Invitation. With passcode 265468

Recording of May 31 Pentecost Worship and Rev. Stover Retirement Celebration  Password:  5J%+D685    

Zoom Worship May 24, 2020. Worship Bulletin. Worship Lifeline. Zoom Invitation. Pass: 129423

May 17, 2020 Worship Bulletin (Revised). Worship Lifeline. Zoom Recording (Pr. Boda) Password: 3W^SyfC? 

May 10, 2020. Worship Bulletin and Worship Lifeline and Recording (passcode: 7r%22E^z )

May 3, 2020 WORSHIP  -- Bulletin -- Lifeline -- Rev. Michael Jannett, Guest Preacher. Recording not available.

April 26, 2020 Worship Recording. Passcode:   Password: 7M*34&*3 

Homily on Acts 2, Easter 3's First Reading: Wouldn't it be nice...

Worship, Easter 3, April 26, 2020 (Worship Bulletin).  Worship Lifeline (pdf)

Recording: Zoom Worship, Good Friday, April 10, 2020

Recording: Zoom Worship, Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020. Passcode 737078. Easter Bulletin (pdf)   

Recording: Zoom Worship, Easter 2, April 19, 2020


Come and See!

According to the Gospel according to St. John, it was Phillip who said of Jesus, "Come and see." For the Greeks, "to see was to believe." For the people of the Wilderness, a vision was believed when heard! In worship seeing and hearing come together to encourage and incite hope. Come and see. Come and hear.



The music is all around us! Whether you are present during our more historic liturgy or our contemporary worship, music will surround you. A vocal or bell choir, a band or the whole congregation will sing accompanied by the Celebration Band, the piano, or organ. Some songs you'll know and some will be new to you. It is said, "One who sings, prays twice," first in the lyrics and once through the melody. Come and see!

Choir -- Sanctuary Bells

Our Bell Choir is our largest choir. These ringers concentrate so intently on their music and technique that they often have not idea how their combined sounds inspire and sooth the hearers. (Open enrollment)

Choir -- Chancel Choir

Our Chancel Choir has decreased in size over the years, but those who love to sing create harmonies that inspire and satisfy whether they are singing traditional arrangements or a piece from a contemporary church composer. (Open enrollment)

Worship Band

The Celebration Band plays for worship every other week, leading the congregation in favorite songs from the Praise movement of the 1970, 80s, and 90s, as well as more recent songs heard on Christian Radio.


The author of this web page may not be the best authority on preaching, but I'd describe Pastor Stover's preaching as extemporaneous, but based on a different scripture each Sunday. Sometimes, like on Wednesday evening worship in Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter) he tells about his interactions outside the sanctuary and the opportunities for compassion or of seeing the Spirit of Jesus working in the lives of others, especially those facing hardship. Come and see!

Children and Youth

We have a "Cry Room" from which worship can be observed while caring for a crying or fusing child, but this is for the parents' sake, not because we want a quiet sanctuary! We also have a "play nursery" where a parent or volunteer can supervise the young and the restless. But, we encourage children to be present and join in worship. Church Worship isn't just for education or teaching adults. It is an experience of the Body of Christ in those assembled, in the Word, both read and proclaimed, in the water of Baptism, and the sharing of bread and wine of Communion. While children may be more active than adults, they do take in what the Spirit offers; and bless all who have gathered.


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