Lay Organized and Interest Driven

Meat and Cheese MeetUp


This small group ministry meets Wednesday at 6 pm to assemble simple sandwiches for distribution at Rock of Ages Lutheran Church, Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain. Individuals in the group purchase bread, meet, and cheese locally for each session and when the sandwiches are bagged, the group prays together for the poor, homeless, and street folk who benefit from a simple meal that includes a simple sandwich.


To donate to Meat and Cheese MeetUp, go to LINK

Quilting MeetUp


News from Jeannette Sanders is that 2018 was another very productive year:  Living Grace LC and ASLC made a total of 168 quilts.  Two were sold and another twelve were made available for Al Kates’ Lutheran Disaster Relief for Hurricane Michael.  Al gives these out when he sees the need.  (For the last couple of years, the Quilting Group has automatically reserved twelve quilts for Al in order to help with his ministry.)  The remaining 154 quilts were shipped to Lutheran World Relief.  In addition, ASLC collected forty-eight pounds of soap, made five fabric kits to be used to make ten dresses.


The group meets regularly at Living Grace Lutheran Church and materials are stored there as well.  Members in 2018 were:  Margie O’Brien, Sharon Marion (and friend), Barb Litke (and friend), Sandy   Robinson, Mary Robins,  Jeanette Sanders, Agnes Nelson, Connie Jack and gals from Living Grace.

Donations are always gratefully accepted, so if you have something at home that you’re not going to use please contact Jeannette Sanders.  You can learn a lot more via a YouTube Channel: (Subscribe for more!). You can also visit LWR’s web site at

Guys of All Saints (GAS)


Men MeetUp at Always Fresh the first Saturday of each month for often for a serious breakfast and comical conversation. Each conversation includes an update on various building and grounds project for which some help is needed. After hearing this, most of us just go home, but a handful usually pitch in to help as they are able!